This time it’s different

THIS IS NOT A MOMENT; IT’S A MOVEMENT. So read one of the placards in the on-going protests in the US over the death of George...

Zimbabwe, US diplomatic rift reveals uneasy past relations

The chasm continues to play out on social media and in government circles....

US vs Zimbabwe: Floyd’s killing leads to pot calling kettle black

While a number of African countries have openly condemned the Floyd’s killing, it is Zimbabwe being...

Zimbabwe summons U.S. ambassador over comments on Floyd protests

HARARE (Reuters) - Zimbabwe summoned the U.S. ambassador in Harare on Monday after a senior White...

American ambassador mocks Zimbabwe over human rights abuses

American ambassador, Brian Nichols met S. B. Moyo over George Flyod's death...

George Floyd’s killer already arrested, but Zimbabwe innocent civilians’ killers not yet arrested since 1980!

As the furore surrounding the heinous and barbaric cold-hearted killing of unarmed African American George Floyd...

Why is it okay for Blacks to kill Blacks, but an utter outrage when Whites kill Blacks?

As the whole world is thunderstruck by the unfolding scenes of massive anger-fuelled protests in the...



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Athletes shaping the future of Zimbabwe

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