Top Diplomats, Army Officers Descend On Zim Wildlife Park

Two serving ambassadors, a retired diplomat and a high-ranking army officer are among numerous individuals who have been controversially settled on a private Midlands conservancy....

Zimbabwe steps up efforts to curb illegal trade in ozone depleting substances

HARARE (Xinhua) -- Zimbabwe is stepping up efforts to combat illegal trade in ozone-depleting substances (ODSs),...

On brink of ‘man-made’ starvation, Zimbabweans struggling to cope

Shifting policies on land reform and food subsidies by successive governments have contributed to the dire...

‘Better than culling’: Zimbabwe defends elephant exports

Zimbabwe's top official responsible for environment defended the country's practice of capturing juvenile elephants and selling...

Zimbabwe industry capacity utilization to decline amid challenges

HARARE (Xinhua) -- Average capacity utilization in Zimbabwe's manufacturing sector is expected to decline to around...

Zimbabweans Go for Alternatives as Bread Becomes Unaffordable

Part of the problem is that because of government price controls, wheat millers and bakers lose...

Zimbabwe may let foreigners own majority stakes in diamond mines

Zimbabwe’s government may allow foreign investors to hold controlling stakes in diamond mines on condition that...



Minerva Zim open kicks off

Linda Shaba won a nail biting game which won the tournament in a blitz ending which could have gone either way.

Shaba wins Women and Girls in Chess tournament

The rise of Rumbidzai Mawire