Fake Defections Never a Threat to MDCA Midlands Province and the Nation at Large

We the MDCA Midlands province want to make it categorically clear without any equivocation or ambiguity that the MDC Alliance led by Adv Nelson Chamisa is...

Warped 2021 Zimbabwe School Calendar

Gvt has released a warped 2021 schools calendar. First term begins on 15 March 2021 for...

Mwonzora rejected by veterans

The MDC Veteran Activists Association(VAA) is solidly behind President Nelson Chamisa, despite futile attempts by the...

Political Expediency Will not take us Far: Putting Nehanda in her proper Historical Context

This epistle must be understood as an accurate historical narrative, and nothing more. The truth is...

Covid 19 cases: PTUZ absolved

Government must learn to listen to professional advice rather than operate through hap- hazardous muddling and...

Teachers’ Incapacitation Greater than any Threat

Gvt officials have responded to teachers' incapacitation by threats, firstly expressing that they would replace incapacitated...

CIO Controlled Journalism Run Stark Mad

I hardly respond to social media reports, but found it prudent to respond to acidic reports...



Shadab Khan ruled out of South Africa and Zimbabwe tours

Pakistan beat South Africa by 3 wickets in first ODI

South Africa dominance against Pakistan at Centurion Super Sports Park

Pakistan, the first team to visit Zimbabwe during pandemic