Masvingo Residents Forum service delivery weekly report

Masvingo Residents Forum service delivery weekly report

In the past two months, Masvingo Residents Forum noted that Masvingo city, Chiredzi, Gutu, Zaka and Mwenezi local councils have recorded severe cases of water challenges, power cuts, dilapidated road networks and rapidly deteriorating health facilities in the midst of the pandemic. 

Chiwenga is out of his depth at the Health ministry: Godfrey Gandawa

Chiwenga is out of his depth at the Health ministry: Godfrey Gandawa

Apart from vaccines, there are a number of therapies that have been shown to be effective in alleviating critical Covid-19 cases.

BYD Zimbabwe Starts Delivering EVs To Customers

BYD Zimbabwe Starts Delivering EVs To Customers

The transition to electromobility is happening a lot faster than a lot of people think. The EV scene in Europe is red hot right now after an awesome 2020.

Zimbabwe’s frontline defender of human rights

Braving threats 62-year old lawyer and grandmother Mutetwa pleads for less privileged, fights rights abuses in Zimbabwe – Anadolu Agency

Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 14th July 2007

It was a pretty massive Vigil. Well over 100 people attended. We report every week on how many people sign the register. But there are many...

Chibhebhe calls for action

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU)'s Secretary General Wellington Chibhebhe has called for strong intervention...

A serious threat – ZEF

The Zimbabwe Exiles Forum has called on the international community to assist Zimbabwean refugees flooding into...

Busa concerned

Business Unity South Africa (Busa), a body representing businesses community here has expressed concern on the...

SA summons Khaya-Moyo

South Africa summoned Zimbabwe's ambassador last week to protest about violent attacks on its businesses in...

Students struggle

ZIMBABWEAN students studying at various South African universities on scholarships, including those President Mugabe enrolled at...

Dictator in self-destruct mode

The continuing jambanja in the supermarkets and wholesalers is beginning to take its toll...


Certain words migrate from somewhere and settle into current use when they find fertile soil. Victimization...


Is this the same Nyoni?

The pen IS mightier

Tafataona Mahoso, in his weekly diatribe in the state-controlled Sunday Mail, has accused us of doctoring...

GMB orders farmers to grow soya beans (19-07-07)

IN a desperate bid to shore up the country's depleted food reserves, the Grain Marketing Board...

Money Market (19-07-07)

THE money market that was expected to...

TRUST Holdings Limited prepares for voluntary windup (19-07-07)

TRUST Holdings Limited seems to be preparing...