Breaking – MDC headquarters under siege

Breaking – MDC headquarters under siege

“7 trucks with over 400 armed riot police details have besieged MDC party HQ to search for weapons of war

Police intend to siege MDC headquarters, plant machetes

We have gathered from impeccable sources within the regime that the police intend to siege Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House today in a desperate bid to plant machetes and justify their unwarranted crackdown on the party’s legitimate activities.

Spousal inheritance fuels spread of AIDS in Zimbabwe

Culture of spousal inheritance, where women are married to relative, in case husband dies is prevalent in Zimbabwe – Anadolu Agency

Fact check: Zimbabwe not under any EU sanctions

Fact check: Zimbabwe not under any EU sanctions

Economic sanctions are measures that are often used by trading partners – be they countries or international finance groups – to pressure particular countries on specific areas of democratic reform and regard.

What has China got to Do With Zimbabwe Again?

What has China got to Do With Zimbabwe Again?

Beijing was always in support of Mugabe and now, they aren’t backing off. What is from Harare with love?

Civic groups condemn quiet diplomacy

GABORONE - Civic groups in Botswana have urged southern African leaders to adopt a much more robust approach to resolve a six-year old political and economic...

‘Jail Mugabe, not refugees’ demand protestors

GABORONE - More than 200 people from in...

Word for Today 22-06-06

The Lord is faithful to all his promises and loving toward all he has made. The...

Horrific torture stats raise concerns for future

We are appalled at the revelations of the severe psychological trauma that now affects one in...


                              GDP    ZANU  %of total GDP
AGRICULTURE       15    ...

NEDPP’S fantasy economics

The announcement earlier this year of another economic turnaround package - the National Economic Development Priority...

Heavy cost for mortgaging resources to China

HARARE - Zimbabwe's long-term economic survival prospects look dimmer by the day with analysts warning that...

ZIFF on track

HARARE - The Zimbabwe International Film Festival is on schedule for this year with 300...

New novel from the doyen of alienation

The title of the novel - Worm Head - announces that this is Bart...

How language lives and dies

'Shona and Ndebele have become languages of the diaspora'
'Translation keeps language alive'
I have always been...

One poem – three languages


Uzuri wa uso mwema,
Unavuta vitu vyote,
Vya macho ya kutazama,
Unapopita po pote,
Walakini kwa kupima uzuri wa tabia...

MDC to contest mayoral elections

HARARE – MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai has said his party will press ahead with plans to...

Supermarket Prices

Supermarket prices,