UK-based academic and Tsvangirai advisor Dr Alex Magaisa dies aged 46

HARARE – The former advisor to the late Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, Dr. Alex Tawanda Magaisa, has died in a London hospital....

Since Covid-19 reached Zimbabwe in March 2020, I have been conducting interviews with young Zimbabweans

Zimbabwe’s MDC Alliance needs to realise that despite the huge support it received at the polls...

Zimbabwe’s riches being pillaged, with the help of governing elites

South Africa is one of the major recipients of smuggled mineral resources from Zimbabwe, but not...

Repression in Zimbabwe exposes South Africa’s weakness

The time is long past that Pretoria's admonitions of bad behaviour by Zimbabwe's leaders are backed...

Zimbabwe government panicking: Analyst

JOHANNESBURG - Political analyst Ibbo Mandaza, says the Zimbabwe government is panicking....

5 Comments Analyst predicts unfair Zim elections, survey shows close contest

JOHANNESBURG – A survey shows that Zimbabwe’s elections, set for next week, will be a close contest...

Analyst Says Divided Zanu-PF Unlikely to Win July 30 Elections, Predicts Opposition Victory

Executive Director Ibbo Mandaza of the SAPES Trust in Zimbabwe, says he anticipates a disputed election...



Bwalya wins Minerva Zim Open 2022

Tawanda Mhako wins 2022 Minerva Development section

Minerva Zim open kicks off

Linda Shaba won a nail biting game which won the tournament in a blitz ending which could have gone either way.