Sharon Pincott’s revival amongst Africa’s elephants

Sharon Pincott recently spent 6 weeks back in Africa. This is her story:...

More elephants dead in Hwange

We clarify points with Sharon Pincott, ex-Presidential Elephants of Zimbabwe...

All the president’s elephants

‘Sharon and Mugabe’s elephants’ is what Natural History Unit Africa originally planned to call this award-winning...

Cyanide Poisoning in Hwange Presidential Elephant area

We speak once again to Sharon Pincott, who spent 13 years with the Presidential Elephants of...

‘Masakhe’: Trying to rebuild what has been broken

Today we are making available another extract from the must-read book, Elephant Dawn, by Sharon Pincott,...

Laughter in amongst the despair, in Sharon Pincott’s ELEPHANT DAWN

ELEPHANT DAWN by Sharon Pincott is an eye-opening, factual story about all of her 13 years...

From rare experiences with wild elephants in Hwange, zimbabwe, Sharon Pincott is now living with “rare diseases”

These days, there seems to be a ‘day’ for everything – and today (28 February) is...



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