Marriage laws not in line with Constitution

Many people have questions about marriage in Zimbabwe but the first thing we need to do is to be clear on what the law in Zimbabwe...

Detention of New Mothers over Maternity Fees: Illegal?

One of our readers asked whether the behavior of public hospitals, as reported by several news...

No maternity fees, no birth record: Is this legal?

The question, whether it is legal for hospitals to refuse to give new mothers their...

Is Cohabiting marriage?

As social values are changing, younger couples are redefining traditional perceptions of relationships. ...

Seduction damages: How does one prove seduction?

Having previously discussed what seduction damages are and the reason why they exist at law, this...

The law on abortion in Zimbabwe

Abortion in Zimbabwe is illegal as provided for under the Termination of Pregnancy Act of 1977...

Types of Marriage: The infamous “potentially polygamous” marriage

Some people call this marriage, “muchato wekwamudzviti,” because the District Administrator (mudzviti) had the power to...



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