CIO Controlled Journalism Run Stark Mad

CIO Controlled Journalism Run Stark Mad

I hardly respond to social media reports, but found it prudent to respond to acidic reports peddled by the so called ‘Harare Post’ insinuating that Ptuz has not paid its workers since November 2019, while its leadership is living a flamboyant life style.

Zimbabwe inflation falls to 2.23% mth/mth in January

Zimbabwe inflation falls to 2.23% mth/mth in January

HARARE (Reuters) – Zimbabwe’s inflation rate fell sharply to 2.23% month on month in January, from 16.55% the previous month, driven down by smaller increases in the price of food and non-alcoholic drinks, statistics agency Zimstat said on Sunday.

Factories Grind to a Halt as Zimbabwe’s Economy Implodes

Factories Grind to a Halt as Zimbabwe’s Economy Implodes

Gary Green is no stranger to adversity. The burly Zimbabwean has survived a brain tumor and rebuffed the seizure of his machinery business by people who claimed he was a foreigner and demanded he hand over control.

‘Reduced to slavery’ – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary:

The Mnangagwa regime has reduced workers to slaves by paying them money that is valueless, says the President of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, Peter Mutasa.

Zimbabwe’s Mealie Meal Shortage Hits Women

Zimbabwe’s Mealie Meal Shortage Hits Women

Each night Rutendo Mtandavari, a widow with five children, sleeps outside the gates of the mealie meal trader, Victoria Foods, in the capital Harare, as she waits for days on end to buy mealie meal.

Zifa bungling

BULAWAYO - THE cancellation of the Independence semi-final matches set for last week has cost Masvingo United over Z$300 million. The team was scheduled to play...

Ervine signs new contract


Sean Ervine, the powerful former Zimbabwe all-rounder, has signed a new three-year contract...

Obituary – Raymond Kapito

In the early hours of Monday, April 10, Raymond Kapito, a Jesuit priest, finally succumbed to...

Respect our democratic choice

Please allow me a space in your paper to respond to Ngqabutho...



‘There are lies, damned lies and then there are statistics,’ Churchill is said to have snorted...

Wanted: real civil servants

It is generally believed in...

Detention Watch from Zimbabwe Association

LONDON - A new scheme has just been launched by the International Organisation of Migration (IOM),...

Freed detainee shares experience

‘It’s so lovely to be free at last’

LONDON - Today I want to share...

Mugabe must stand trial


JOHANNESBURG - The Zimbabwe Exiles Forum (ZEF) is greatly alarmed by recent...

My crime? Being a journalist

By a staff member of VOP radio
On December 15 last year, police raided Voice of the...

State media buries bad news and asks no questions


HARARE – Everything is getting worse, from record high inflation to record low tobacco...

Zimbabwe media to fight internet law

HARARE – Zimbabwe’s privately-owned media last week agreed to challenge in court a proposed new law...

Letters – 19/4/06 contd.

CFU appeasement condemned
EDITOR - In the most recent scraping attitude of the Commercial Farmers Union president,...