Why is it okay for Blacks to kill Blacks, but an utter outrage when Whites kill Blacks?

Why is it okay for Blacks to kill Blacks, but an utter outrage when Whites kill Blacks?

As the whole world is thunderstruck by the unfolding scenes of massive anger-fuelled protests in the United States of America (US) over the barbaric and savage killing of an unarmed Black man – George Floyd – by four White police officers, one can not help being engulfed by a similar sense of repulsion and outrage at this seemingly never-ending pattern of the vile contempt of the sanctity of human life by the police force – not just in the US, but throughout the world.

Zimbabwe’s inflation soars 756 percent in April

Zimbabwe’s inflation soars 756 percent in April

HARARE (Xinhua) — Zimbabwe’s annual inflation for April stood at 765.57 percent, gaining 89.18 percentage points from the previous month, the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (Zimstat) said on Saturday in a statement.

Zimbabwe Price Bulletin, May 2020

Zimbabwe Price Bulletin, May 2020

The Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) monitors trends in staple food prices in countries vulnerable to food insecurity.

Rift within ruling party dents president’s clout

Rift within ruling party dents president’s clout

Facing 500% inflation, infighting within the ruling party is hitting the country’s economy below the belt, say experts

ZCA plans festival

LONDON - The Zimbabwe Community Association has planned a festival in Kilburn for August 5. The project co-ordinator, Lucia Dube, has appealed for sponsorship and donations...

Detention Watch from Zimbabwe Association

LONDON - A new scheme has just been launched by the International Organisation of Migration (IOM),...

Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 8th July 2006

HARARE - Sadly we have two deaths to report of relatives of supporters - an indication...

UK News Briefs 13-7-06

SA author wins Caine Prize
OXFORD - Mary Watson from South Africa has won the seventh...

Court to rule on hijack

JOHANNESBURG - A South African court will rule this week on whether to grant bail to...

Pastors’ Forum acquires farm

PRETORIA - The innovative Zimbabwe Pastors Forum (ZPF) has been offered a 10 hectare farm in...

Independent radio stations jammed

By a Correspondent
HARARE - Using Chinese-made equipment the Robert Mugabe regime has succeeded recently in...

Parliament ignored what’s really wrong with media – MISA

By a Correspondent
HARARE - Despite its criticisms, the parliamentary committee which reported on the state-run...

Letters 13-7-06

We are not tribalists
EDITOR - We wish to raise our concern on the reports and...

Let’s not be fooled again

It appears Mugabe has outwitted everybody yet again. But unfortunately, for all his intelligence, he has...

Econet secures US$20 million loan

HARARE - As Zimbabwe continues its downward economic spiral, the rest of the African continent is...

Currency Crisis

Monetary policy review?
HARARE - The stock market continued on the upward path it has been...

Zimbabwean Debt Situation

Domestic debt trebles
HARARE - Zimbabwe's domestic debt has trebled, from Z$15-trillion to nearly Z$43-trillion, casting a...



Zimbabwe Cricket to pay non-contracted women players an allowance